“Yotsuya Bisyojyo Gaten” an unique illustration art exhibition at The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo

4 leading digital illustrators have exhibited their artworks which are printed beautifully on canvas. The gallery “The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo” is located in the quite area of Yotsuya, Shinjuku.

Art facility located in a quiet residential area of Yotsuya


The organizer of this exhibition and the creator of above work, Oyari Ashito.


The works of Mitsumi Misato.


redjuice works.


The work of Honjo Raita.

P1190799The artists, Mitsumi Misato, Oyari Ashito, Honjo Raita and redjuice are all independent artists, and their achievement is enormously influential to the industries. This exhibition “Yotsuya Bisyojyo Gaten” has just finished but you should check on the website to see more upcoming events.

Various genres of modern art including obstruct, landscape, illustrations, paints, prints, photos, 3D art, etc are exhibited.