TOKYO POP GUIDE MINI distributed at Doujima Singapore

As the distribution of TPG MINI began at the world wide Otaku events and Doujima is the largest Doujin creative festival in Singapore which is our second destination.

So many people who came to meet creators based in Singapore!

As IOEA has announced that it is the first event to give away TPG MINI in Asia.

What is TPG MINI?

TPG MINI is the flyer size of TOKYO POP GUIDE, and it will be distributed for visitors in 36 countries and regions in the world of OTAKU event that are the members of IOEA.

We aim to increase reach ability to animation fans all over the world and to further develop inbound demand. In the future, we deliver a wide range of valuable information from gravure of casts to travel knowledge for almost 20 million fans who come to Otaku convention events.