Another side “Love Live! Sunshine!!” 5 recommended songs of Aqours by 250 fans!

Regarding the currently airing TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!”. Our article “Love Live! Sunshine!! TOP 9 songs of Aqours as voted by 250 fans!” which we previously published on 19th October was widely well-received. But yes, we know that there are many more and would like to introduce extra songs that you might love the most! Thus, we’ve written this article…

Another side “Love Live! Sunshine!!” highly recommended songs of Aqours as selected by 250 fans!

Actually, after posting the TOP 9, we have received some opinions from fans saying “I can be convinced of the results but it’s not something I can satisfyingly accept!”, and also “Although some of my favorites appeared within the TOP 9, I still would like to recommend my best as a Love Live! fan”

So here is another selection of recommended songs by Aqours that did not enter the TOP 9. Please read this article and we hope you will like them, too.

If you have not seen the TOP 9 as voted by 250 fans click here!

Taiyou wo Oikakero!

Youtube「Taiyou o Oikakero! 」

TV Anime “Love Live! Sunshine!! (Season 1)” Blu-ray Vol. 7 Special Limited Edition Bonus Aqours Original Song CD 7 “Taiyou o Oikakero!”

Actually, this song failed to enter the TOP 9 by just one vote, losing the 9th place to “Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou”.

Comments from everyone

  • The intro grows more powerful step by step, expressing Aqours steadily going forward.
  • The amazing lyrics really let you imagine the way Aqours chases towards brilliance.
  • It is a song filled with the feelings of “Want to shine!” and “I want to create miracles!”, and I expect this theme to be developed further in the future works.

Many passionate opinions like these were gathered!

The shout of “Aqours, gather!” gave me a great reaction to “Taiyou o Oikakero!”. There seemed to be a lot of fans who love songs that feel comfortable to call out to!

Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM

Youtube「Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM」

Aqours 2nd single “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM”.

Although the coupling songs of “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM”, “Todokanai Hoshi Da To Shitemo” and “Mattete Ai no Uta”, appeared within the TOP 9, this song didn’t, and so we received a lot of comments mainly from the fans of Watanabe You-chan.

Comments from everyone

  • Everyone in Aqours and the costumes are so cute!
  • You can feel energetic even when you are tired!
  • I fell in love with You-chan within KoiAqua, and I went to “Izu-Mito Sea Paradise” and fell in love with Numazu.
  • It brings back memories of the “Numazu carp streamer festival” in 2017 because of the Aqours collaboration carp streamers they flew.

The production of the live performance by Aqours is also wonderful, letting one see both cute and gorgeous sides of them.

Yume de Yozora o Terashitai

Youtube「Yume de Yozora o Terashitai」

TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!! (1st season)” episode 6 “Let’s Make A PV” Insert Song.

Comments from everyone

  • This song is Chika’s and Aqours’s point of origin to stop the closure of their high school, and features the charm point of Uchiura.
  • I was impressed by the lyrics “Kienai, Kienai, Kienai no wa Ima made jibun o Sodateta keshikithe(The things that Never faded and disappeared is the scenery that raised us to be who we are)”.
  • This is the song to discover Numazu as I became a fan of Love Live! Sunshine!!.

“Yume de Yozora o Terashitai” is a song that contains the origin of the emotions of Aqours. The beautiful Numazu night scenery and the Sky Lanterns appearing in the PV are shining warmly, and we can hear the sounds of them climbing the stairs to the new steps.

Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo

Youtube「Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo」

The coupling song for TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!! (1st season)” Ending Theme Song “Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou”.

This song that was also performed at “The 70th Numazu Summer Festival”

Comments from everyone

  • It was a song that was born because Aqours was active in Numazu.
  • Just like “Mijuku DREAMER”, it is a song that reminds me of the amazingly hyped summer of 2017.
  • Because it is the music to which Numazu locals love to dance even at their festival in Numazu city.

Certainly, the “Aqours Bon Odori Stage” at the 70th Numazu Summer Festival got really exciting! I want everyone in Numazu to love “Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo” and hope it remains in Numazu for a long time!



TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine !! (1st season)” episode 13 “Sunshine !!” Insert Song.

Comments from everyone

  • Although there are various opinions, this song is one where Aqours sang “what they feel” and “what they want to do”.
  • I felt it was a song that couldn’t be left out because of how it sang about the first season.
  • It was so hyped live!! I think that it is the culmination of the first season!

“Yume ga umare yume no tame ni naita toki demo Akiramenai koto de tsunagatta (A dream born, cried for the dream but never given up to get together) ” as Aqours sung, this is the lyrics which described the past. They also sang “Hikari ni narou mirai o terashitai Ima wa mou mayowanai” (Be the light to shine the future and never lose the direction) ” to shine their future. This song has impressive lyrics.

In conclusion

How was Love Live! Sunshine !! TOP 9 songs of Aqours as voted by 250 fans! And Another side “Love Live! Sunshine !!” highly recommended songs of Aqours as selected by 250 fans?

This time, as the title says, more than 250 Love Live! fan cooperated with our survey and we were able to do this special feature project. Thank you so much.

During our planning phase, we were worried that we would receive criticism such as “I do not want you to give them ranks! (You should not)!”

We did receive comments saying that by reviewing and listening to the songs once again, they fell further in love with Love Live! Sunshine!!, which made us feel really glad.

For the songs of the series, many great composers and arrangers gathered to make these works, centered around the singer song writer AKI HATA.

By all means, I hope that you will discover the charm of various songs again within this project.

To everyone who cooperated, and everyone who followed our series to the end, thank you very much once again.

TPG WEB will continue to produce such special feature projects in the future. Please continue to support us.

If you have not seen the TOP 9 as voted by 250 fans click here!

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