“Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!)” becomes Live action movie!

This week’s breaking news was definitely “Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!)” becoming a live-action movie.

TV anime broadcast in the summer of 2015, and it is still so popular!

In this article, I would like to introduce about what is “Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!)”? and talk about live-action movie that we should expect!

What is TV anime “Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!)”?

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[Spoiler Alert!] It contains some spoiler. Be careful if you read it!

“Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!)” is a Manga serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Forward” (Houbunsha). In June 2014, and TV animation was decided, broadcasting began in July of the following year. Although it has not been appeared for a while on the magazine, it was decided that the series will resume from “Manga Time Kirara Forward February” released in December 2017.

Why is it so popular?

Why is the TV animation ‘Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!)’ Live-action movie becoming a big topic so far? There are many who thought that should be. First of all, let’s take a look at the key visual and PV.

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The key visual has a very pretty atmosphere, and it shows us like how pretty and fun school life of Yuki Takeya, the leading character acting by voice actress Inori Minase.

However, the world they live is filled with zombies and this is the story about how they survive from the craziness of the reality!

What is Gakkougurashi after all?

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Gakkougurashi! Means living in the school.

Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!) Was a everyday life story of school girls who survived in the world where humans become zombies!!

Yuki and her friends formed “Gakuen Seikatsubu” in “Megurigaoka Gakuin Koto Gakko Gakuen Seikatsu-bu” barricading with tables and chairs to protect themselves.

The farther they went, the more scary the story became…

© Nitroplus/海法紀光・千葉サドル・芳文社/がっこうぐらし!製作委員会

“Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!)” is not a typical splatter horror or just a scary zombie animation.

The fantasy world unimaginably seen by Yuki but sometimes the horror element tends to be appeared, and that is horror element looks hidden but is all real…

Furthermore, as you can see from the key visual and PV, the character design is so pretty, and that is another gap between fantasy and reality.

Girls who live in the most horrible disaster…

It is such “seriously scary” animation, but as the TV series comes closer to the end, several changes will naturally also occur in the appearance of the characters.

If I get in the same situation, I will not hesitate to pick “Game Over”, but even in such circumstances they try to survive… The growth of the girls who live hard while supporting each other can not be seen without tears. We want them in smile!!

So how it’s going to be as the live-action movie?

Who are casts?

The most important thing is casting. The characters in TV animation look childish even though they were high school students.

How to reproduce the world view?

Since there are many zombie movies and TV programs, it might be in the same competition with the others if it is not animated.

In addition, the theme of “Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!)” represents Yuki’s imagination and the reality gap, that is, the state of mind. Rather than just making some scary film all the fans expect the view of the world of the mixture with horror and lovely elements.

Let’s watch TV series!

Well, a much talked about news “Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!) Live-action movie.” Those who are already seen TV anime will be looking forward to how it will be, and also there want to see even those who have not seen it yet from now.

Anime “Gakkougurashi! (School-Live!)” is currently delivered at Amazon Prime, d Anime Store, etc. (as of the end of November 2017). Since the series will be resumed at “Manga Time Kirara Forward February” released in December, we are looking forward to that as well.

Also, the details of live-action movie is not announced at the time of writing so please check “Manga Time Kirara Carat” and official twitter.

Official Site: http://gakkougurashi.com/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/gakkou_gurashi