“Comiket 93” catalog booklet will be out on 9th December with Mika Pikazo’s cover art.

The countdown to Comiket 93 began and the cover art of “Comiket 93” catalog booklet and DVD-ROM was announced.

Mika Pikazo drew the illustration of the cover!


Are these girls a combination of magical girls of attack and defense? Let’s get ready for the winter comic while purely enjoying the cute illustrations!

The release date of comic market catalog 93 is released!

■ Comic Market Catalog 93 (Booklet Version)

Release date: 9th December
Direct sales price: 2,000 yen
Event price: 2,000 yen
Bookstore price: 2,500 yen

■ Comic Market Catalog 93 (DVD-ROM)

Release date: 16th December
Price: 2,500 yen

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