3 things you should know about Japanese myth when you watch “Konohana Kitan” episode 9.

TV anime “Konohana Kitan” which is currently on air. Sometimes “Japanese myth” appears in its unique world view.

Episode 9 “Utakatano …” in particular you can not understand the story without the knowledge of Japanese myth! Was not there many people who might get confused?

This time, I would like to introduce 3 major topics about “Japanese myths” that you need to know when seeing the animation “Konohana Kitan” episode 9 “Utakatano …”.

How Japanese myth refers to “Konohana Kitan” episode 9.


The first part of “Konohana Kitan” episode 9 “Utakatano …” is a story that “Yuzu helped the turtle …”.

First of all, I would like to introduce from the story that later Awanami appeared.

Going back to the birth of Japan.

“Kojiki” that appeared in episode 9 as it is Japan’s oldest historical record. It describes how Japan was born and how it prospered.

In “Kojiki”, it said that Izanagi (Izanagi-no-Mikoto) and Izanami (Izanami-no-Mikoto) created Japan, and the grand child of Izanagi and Izanami is named Awanami that appeared in the episode 9.

Natsume said that Awanami is “Awanami no Kami” and she is the goddess born from foam like in Greek mythology Aphrodite.

What is the memory of this country that Yuzu saw in the form?


That hallucination Yuzu saw when she was thrown by “Chibinami-sama” is exactly the moment of “Japan’s birth”. There is a man stabbing a sword into the sea from the top of the cloud, and that is “Izanagi” and the woman next to him is “Izanami”.

And when Izanagi stabbed the sword (correctly it’s supposed to be a halberd) in the sea, things like mud spreads and created something. Kojiki said that this kind of muddy spread was the first island in Japan. There are various thoughts where this island is in the present Japan, and Hyogo prefecture Awajishima is one of them.

Also, this mud is the tide and it spreaded and made the Island of Onogoro as this is the first island in Japan written in Kojiki.

In other words, the hallucination seen by Yuzu is considered “the moment of birth of Japan”, that is, “Utakatano … (Dream)”. Utakata no Yume means that things can be easily disappeared.

Who is Yamasa Chihiko?


Then, the story in A part next. About “Yamasa Chihiko” appeared in the story of Yuzu helped the turtle.

That scene that turtle told a lie “I was the one to send to Wadatsumi place!”

Yamasa Chihiko is a child of Konohanasakuya hime.

Kiri said, “Yamasa Chihiko would live even in the water as he was born in a big fire”. Actually “Yamasa Chihiko” and “Konohanasakuya hime” have such amazing story behind.

“Yamasa Chihiko” born in the fire.


“Konohanasakuya hime” married to “Ninigi no Mikoto” and got pregnant, but “Ninigi no Mikoto” doubted that “Konohanasakuya hime” has someone else’s child. He said;

“It’s so strange that you get pregnant so early …It can be possible that the babies are not mine!”

“Konohana Sakuyahime” went mad and said;

If you burn this room when I give birth and if they could survive from the fire then they’re definitely your babies!

As result, she gave birth safely in the fire and prove that they are the children of “Ninigi no Mikoto”.

* In Japanese myth, there are many episodes that prove your innocence by “winning with betting”.

The child born at this time was “Yamasa Chihiko”.

That’s why Kiri said

“Yamasa Chihiko would live even in the water as he was born in a big fire”.

You see!

Konohana Kitan is referred to many Japanese myths!

Japanese myths are difficult contents for even Japanese people, but I think it is surprisingly interesting to know for the first time.

If the response of this column is good, I will write more about “Japanese myths” and “Japanese culture” that appeared in “Konohana Kitan”, so please let us know your thoughts on reddit and twitter.