Anime “CARDFIGHT !! VANGUARD” delivered from 5th May is comic version of Akira Ito original!

Anime new series “CARDFIGHT !! VANGUARD” will be delivered on AbemaTV “Minna no Anime Channel” from on May 5, 2018 at 21:00 (JST), as it was announced that AbemaTV will be the first streaming channel. The distribution to TV will be starting from 22:30 TOKYO MX on the same day, and then all the episodes will be added on YouTube channel.

This work is another story based on the comic of Akira Ito, which meets “VANGUARD” revived with another form. There are several major features of this work.

A parallel world based on the comic

The characters and themes are just as same as the previous animation series, but the comic version is different and has a new storyline. However, there are original elements combining with the current series and the comic version.

Appeared in the new character design!

Also check out the new look of Aichi and everyone designed by Satoru Isono the original character designer! All the voice actors and actresses will be the same.


The well-received “Cardfight!! Vanguard” that started its broadcast back in January 2011 will return with a new storyline based on the comics by Akira Ito!

The story of how the vanguards first met will be brought to you through a new animation by OLM!

“Cardfight!! Vanguard” will revive with a new form based on the comics by Akira Ito! The story of how the vanguards first met will be brought to you through a new animation!

Main Synopsis (for use in the 1st year)

The main protagonist Aichi Sendou, is a timid and mundane third-year middle school boy.

The thing that supported Aichi’s heart, was the “Blaster Blade” card that he received as a child.

It’s an important rare card from “Vanguard”, a card game with the imaginary world of “Planet Cray” as its stage.

From the day he reunited with the person who gave him that card “Toshiki Kai”, Aichi’s everyday life began to change.

While expanding his horizons and meeting many different fighters, Aichi has a mysterious experience of hearing the voices of units from Planet Cray—

that closely resembles Psyqualia, the power held by “Ren Suzugamori”, the leader of Team Asteroid.

It’s a youthful story of vanguard fighters who clash passionately with each other through fights.

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